This Week’s Menu

We’ve been so busy lately that it’s been easy to go way too many days in a row without cooking and eating a real good balanced meal. I’m trying to make a conscious effort to eat meat for dinner, with vegetables, even though the only thing I ever really want these days is carbs on carbs on carbs. While I have been entirely happy as a clam living off of pizza and cereal (all the kinds!) this really needs to stop. Or at least be balanced out by good quality dinners. I made an effort to buy meat at the store the other day to put in the freezer for upcoming dinners, and then *actually* take it back out to defrost in time to make it for dinner. [Yesterday I may have scarfed down two bowls of rice chex while the chicken cooked, and then wasn’t even hungry when it was ready, but that’s neither here nor there– at least I cooked it!]

Working with restaurants like I do, I end up ‘going out’ for dinner way more often than a normal person. Usually it means that I either have a late meeting and will eat while I am there so won’t cook when I get home, or I bring something home from the restaurant to eat later, so I still don’t cook. I’m not actually going out out multiple times a week!

This weekend my aunt, uncle & cousins are going to be in town, so I’m not sure if I’ll actually end up cooking or not. But I like to plan as if I will either way, and we’ll see how it really pans out!


Monday: Pan seared steak, roasted vegetables

Tuesday: Honey mustard chicken

Wednesday: Out

Thursday: Pasta with pesto

Friday: Out

Saturday: Broccoli Quinoa Casserole

Sunday: Sweet & Sticky Chicken Drumsticks

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