Welcome to the blog! I am a home cook living in Boston with my husband (and soon baby) and started this blog primarily to document what I cook and what we eat. I enjoy cooking and try new recipes all the time, but then find that I lose track of what I made, usually because I get inspiration from a recipe I find but then end up making so many changes to it that I can never remember again what I did in order to recreate it later on. Sometimes it’s because I just make something up and never write it down. Sometimes it’s just because in the hustle and bustle of daily life, I totally forget about certain recipes or meals that we really loved, and then I never make them again, when really they should have gone onto our permanent meal rotation to make again and again! This little space serves as a place for me to bring everything together to remember, create, and keep track of recipes.

In addition, I write about things besides food that interest me and are going on in my life. This includes projects around our home and garden, my growing family, other hobbies like reading, and other fun things going on that we’re doing. To me, ‘spice it up’ can apply to food or any other aspect of life. Everything you do should have a little bit of spice to it!


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